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Paulding Pregnancy Services

I work for a small non-profit which means resources (financial and time) are very limited. I needed a few changes made to our website and was referred to Rystedt Creative for help. Even though it was a small job, that didn’t matter. Josh treated my needs with great care and respect, he communicated throughout the entire process and kept me informed of everything. I knew I was in great hands and would highly recommend this company to anyone needed these types of services. Rystedt Creative is now our preferred vendor for anything related to our online presence.

Why You Don’t Want to Just Copy Another Website’s Design

The value of a business website has never been greater. Every business, from retailers and professional services to IT companies, all these organizations have an online presence, which means their competitors do too. With everyone vying to make the best first impression with customers, it’s a daunting task to make the best website possible for your company. Some businesses try to get ahead by just copying the web design of more popular sites and industry competitors who are more established. However, this can do more harm than good. In the end, a successful website isn’t one that’s the best, but rather the one that best markets your individual brand. Don’t copy another website’s design when you can make your own website even better. Let’s look at why and how.

Should I Let AI Build My Website?

What is AI? “AI” stands for Artificial Intelligence. But what is that, really? What People Think AI Is:   What Developers Want AI to Be:   What AI Actually Is (to date): Alright, humor aside, here’s what AI actually is: Colloquially, the term “artificial intelligence” is applied when a machine mimics “cognitive” functions that humans associate with other human minds, such as “learning” and “problem…

Fontasia: Shedding Light on Fonts – an Introduction

Basics of Fontology / Typography Font what? Fontology? Typography? What does all this mean? Well, let’s break down the meanings of “font”, “asia”, “ology”, “type”, and “graphy”. “Font” – a complete set of characters of a particular style and weight which, in the days of block metal press printing, were cast or poured. “Asia” – to rise, in reference to the sun, or to shed…

How to Prepare Your Material for Your Web or Graphic Designer – and Get a Better First Draft

Get Your Nikes On! A Few Tips Before Running to Your Designer I recently received a call from a customer needing a fresh design for a brochure. This is what she had when she called: Ideas, but unsure of which direction to take Copies of a variety of logos, colors, and fonts from decades of changes And she wanted something bright and “up to date”…

Should you pay per project or per hour for your web development and design?

If you are in the market for web-development you will eventually be presented with a pricing model for the services you’re requesting. One Facebook user recently commented on a request for WordPress support that “eventually developers will slap a price on it”. Well if you are in the market for web development services you are already aware that there will be a cost associated with…