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BNI Chapter Flyers

Rystedt Creative recently helped launch a new Business Networking International (BNI) chapter in Westminster, Maryland. BNI leverages the philosophy of “givers gain” to help members generate qualified referral business for one another.

To help grow this chapter we contributed some graphic design towards our regular happy hour events.

Fontasia: Shedding Light on Fonts – an Introduction

Basics of Fontology / Typography Font what? Fontology? Typography? What does all this mean? Well, let’s break down the meanings of “font”, “asia”, “ology”, “type”, and “graphy”. “Font” – a complete set of characters of a particular style and weight which, in the days of block metal press printing, were cast or poured. “Asia” – to rise, in reference to the sun, or to shed…

How to Prepare Your Material for Your Web or Graphic Designer – and Get a Better First Draft

Get Your Nikes On! A Few Tips Before Running to Your Designer I recently received a call from a customer needing a fresh design for a brochure. This is what she had when she called: Ideas, but unsure of which direction to take Copies of a variety of logos, colors, and fonts from decades of changes And she wanted something bright and “up to date”…

Lady Environmental

“I collaborated with Rystedt Creative Services to digitize my logo for my blog/business. They worked within an efficient timeline to produce a logo that matched the original that I had drawn while also making it better than the original and more professional looking. I absolutely love it. I know also that if I need help with a website management issue, I can talk to them…