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Why You Don’t Want to Just Copy Another Website’s Design

The value of a business website has never been greater. Every business, from retailers and professional services to IT companies, all these organizations have an online presence, which means their competitors do too. With everyone vying to make the best first impression with customers, it’s a daunting task to make the best website possible for your company. Some businesses try to get ahead by just copying the web design of more popular sites and industry competitors who are more established. However, this can do more harm than good. In the end, a successful website isn’t one that’s the best, but rather the one that best markets your individual brand. Don’t copy another website’s design when you can make your own website even better. Let’s look at why and how.

Fontasia: Shedding Light on Fonts – an Introduction

Basics of Fontology / Typography Font what? Fontology? Typography? What does all this mean? Well, let’s break down the meanings of “font”, “asia”, “ology”, “type”, and “graphy”. “Font” – a complete set of characters of a particular style and weight which, in the days of block metal press printing, were cast or poured. “Asia” – to rise, in reference to the sun, or to shed…

Stand Out From the Crowd and Stay One Step Ahead of Copycat Competitors

Copycats. Just when you thought you’d left these middle school nuisances behind, you see something come across your Instagram feed that looks shockingly familiar. A little too familiar… You overhear a newcomer to a networking event with an elevator pitch that you’ve heard before. That you’ve delivered before… Copycat competitors are lurking everywhere, regardless of what industry you work in. And with the proliferation of…