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Rystedt Creative's WordPress Maintenance and Support Services

Every website needs a safety net to catch it when things break.
Every owner needs a professional to improve website features that require a technical hand.
Every website needs to be well maintained.
We offer regular WordPress maintenance and support services to meet these needs - whether we built your site or someone else did.


We fix issues like...

Plugin Conflicts

WordPress is one of the best content management systems available. WordPress' unbeatable library of plugins is part of what makes it such a powerful tool for business websites.

Yet sometimes plugins that are supposed to improve your site break it instead. Whether a plugin conflict has your site completely down or just broke some features, our WordPress maintenance and support services can help track down the root of the problem and fix it.

Broken Features

Once upon a time you know your site worked correctly. Yet over the course of plugin, browser, operating system, and services updates something broke.

Our WordPress maintenance and support services can help identify, explain, and fix or replace your broken features.

We improve site features including...

Theme Design

We're sure your WordPress theme is as awesome as you are. Yet there may be some things you want your theme to do that it isn't right now. We can help with that.

Our WordPress maintenance and support services can tweak, expand, and modify your existing theme.

If your menu needs changes and you don't know how to update it we're here for you.

Whether you need menu buttons, custom links, a new design, or a mega-menu, our WordPress maintenance and support services have the answers.

Structured Metadata

Your WordPress website isn't thoroughly search engine optimized unless it is using structured metadata.

Our WordPress maintenance and support services can add structured metadata to your sites pages and posts to improve your appearance on search engine results pages (SERPs), social networks, and messaging apps.

Plugin Choices

Once upon a time you found a plugin to accomplish what you wanted but now it isn't quite meeting your expectations.

Our WordPress maintenance and support services can offer recommendations for alternative plugins, paid plugins, or customized plugins to better meet your needs.

Social Sharing Features

How many steps do you want your visitors to take before sharing your content? As few as possible, right?

Our WordPress maintenance and support services can add robust social sharing features to your site in order to boost your organic reach.

We update your website's...

WordPress Install

Updating your WordPress install is an important part of keeping your site secure.

Our WordPress maintenance and support services can ensure that you are always up to date without breaking your website.

WordPress Plugins

Updating your WordPress plugins is also an important piece of WordPress security. Additionally, if you are keeping your WordPress install updated you will need to keep your plugins updated to reduce the possibility of software conflicts.

Our WordPress maintenance and support services will keep you on the cutting edge of site software even as your site continues to work as expected.

And more...

Tell us about your WordPress maintenance and support needs below.

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What our clients have to say

Keith Ward

Author, Black Preacher in a White Town
"Rystedt Creative helped me with initial SEO best practices for driving traffic to my new website. Their plan was incredibly thorough and extremely useful. They provided lots of ideas I would have never thought of. I liked their work so much that I immediately signed up for monthly work, so they'll continue to help me grow my site. Bravo, Rystedt Creative! "

Rev Roy Axel Coats

Treasurer, The Wyneken Project
"Excellent design and superlative support. They are always there to help."

Jennifer Zucconi, RD

Dietitian and Nutritionist
"Top notch service and design! Joshua took me from having zero real estate to one of the most beautiful “homes” in the virtual neighborhood! In starting my business there was so much to think about. Website development was something I knew I’d have to outsource…I had NO idea how or where to start! The first time I talked with Joshua he spent most of our conversation listening as I shared about my emerging business, my anticipated goals, and my very scattered ideas of how I envisioned my website. He’s definitely a good visionary, because he took my fuzzy ideas and transformed them into a crystal clear, and beautiful, reality! In addition to his visual creativity, his SEO expertise has helped lead many searches to my site. Joshua stayed in constant contact with me as he was building my site, and he continues to be a great resource for me while I’m up and running. He responds very promptly, answers my (many) questions completely, and has taught me how to begin using the behind-the-scenes elements of my site. I’m so glad I found Rystedt Creative! Joshua was instrumental in creating a wonderful place for me in the virtual world. Whether you’re starting from zero or you have a fixer-upper, Joshua and Rystedt Creative can create a space you’ll be so excited to invite visitors into!"

Mallory Olson

Rocket Active Gear and Elk Creek Designs
"Joshua at Rystedt Creative was beyond helpful when we ran into technical issues with our website. His extensive WordPress and Woocommerce knowledge helped to answer all of our web development questions. He was always available with a friendly demeanor and ready to talk us through our questions and what needed to be edited or changed on the website, and even showed us via screen-share the exact steps necessary. We greatly enjoyed working with Joshua and would recommend him to anyone!"

Tom Zucconi

“Our organization recently contracted with Rystedt Creative to update our website. They did a great job recommending upgrades and handled the work for us. Also, because we are a non-profit, they took into consideration our limited resources for their pricing structure. We really appreciate the quick turnaround time too!”

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