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Free Website Evaluations

Rystedt Creative's Free Website Evaluations

You may know that something is harming your website's performance but you don't know what. That's what our free website evaluations are here to solve.

We hate mystery. Especially when it comes to online success.

Our 15-20 page PDF website evaluations will rank your website's performance in the most significant factors and explain each one. We will even mark how difficult each factor is to improve and how significant of an impact each improvement is likely to make.

Let us shed some light on the problem - request a free evaluation of your website today.


We evaluate your website's performance based upon the following factors:

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO isn't simple. No longer can a website merely stuff the right keywords onto a page to rank better in its preferred searches. A truly search engine optimized website makes intentional use of structured metadata, HTML heading structure, keyword consistency, image alt attributes, internal links, URL redirects, an XML sitemap, technologies, domain registration length, blogging activity, and more.

Our free website evaluations will rank each of these SEO factors and explain them so you can begin improving the factors that matter most.

Mobile Optimization

The mobile trend isn't slowing down. Mobile sales, surfing, and searching is on a constant upwards trend. Your website needs to leverage this mobile internet usage to its advantage.

Our free website evaluations will rank your website's mobile optimization, include a mobile rendering, and estimate your mobile download speeds so you can take the next steps towards optimizing your website for mobile.


How usable is your website?

Your site's usability for its visitors transcends mere buttons and menu structure. Your URL should make sense, visitors should be able to easily navigate away from 404 pages, and your language should be defined.

Our free website evaluations will rank these usability factors (and others) so you can get a better feel for how your visitors experience your website.


The technologies that power your website will either help or harm your attempts to improve your website over time.

Our free website evaluations will list your server location, technologies being used on that server, how quickly your website loads, whether or not you are using analytics software, which version of HTML your website is encoded in, and whether or not your website uses a secure connection.

This information will be invaluable to your web-developer when you begin improving your website.

SEO doesn't only happen on your website. Whether or not other sites link to you, how many links you have, and the quality of the sites that link back to you will all affect your search engine rankings.

Our free website evaluations will rank your backlinks, count how many we can find, and list your top referrers.

Social Presence

Your website should probably have a social media presence and those social media accounts should be linked to your website using structured metadata.

Our free website evaluations will show you whether or not your website is linking to your social media accounts in a way that is meaningful to search engines.

Local Optimization

Your local business should clearly list its local address and contact information. You may also want to use local directories - like Yelp.

Our free website evaluations will show you whether or not your website is linking to the top local directories in a way that is meaningful to search engines.

Traffic Estimations

All of these factors add up to online traffic. It is our hope that as you improve some of these factors you will see your traffic increase.

Our free website evaluations will estimate your current traffic and rank your site's traffic against the rest of the Web.

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