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Why Your Website Needs a Blog

Your website needs a blog. Yes, yours. Whether you are painting houses, equipping non-profits, or selling herbal remedies for cats, a blog will demonstrate your authority in your field, increase traffic to your website, and increase lead conversions and sales. Ideally your phone is ringing off the hook with potential clients who were recommended to you and you have more work than you can handle….

Secret Recipes and Recipes for Success

Have you ever had a Coke? If you’re a typical American, your answer probably ranges from something like “yes, of course” to “duh… this goes without saying”. Not only is Coke a popular brand to American tastes and diet, but it’s a worldwide staple beverage. Coke’s in every developed country; in the bodegas, restaurants and cafes that litter the map. It’s also readily available in…