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Category: Behind the Scenes

How We Build a Website – Step by Step

Purchasing a new website is a bit of a mystery. Even after you’ve chosen a Web Developer and defined your project, you may not know how your website is being built. Every company and every project is unique in some ways and so processes vary, not only by developer and agency, but also from project to project. Yet some steps remain constant. Wondering how we build websites? Wonder no longer. Here’s our creative process, step by step.

The Most Important Factor in Successful Business

There are many important factors that make up a successful business. Motivated employees, technology usage (hey, we can help with that), financial investment, marketing strategy, and more. Yet I think there is a single most important factor in successful business. Your committed diligence in accomplishing what you love is the most important factor in a successful business. Perhaps this principle could be broken down into…

Teaching Very Young Children Programming Skills

Basic programming and logic skills are no longer a niche skillset. Most people who learn basic computer logic skills can put those skills to use in everyday circumstances. With basic programming and logic skills Microsoft Excel functions seem less like spreadsheet wizardry, troubleshooting your home machine becomes less aggravating, and tweaking some of the HTML for your blog isn’t nearly so intimidating. Programming and logic…