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Author: Gabrielle Rystedt

Keep Selling During a COVID Lock-down with a Virtual Storefront

Have coronavirus fears kept people from coming to your company’s physical location?

Are you concerned that CDC recommendations for people to avoid crowds and maintain safe distance from one another will impact your ability to survive this national crisis?

Maintaining a thriving business during a time of national panic is the emergency scenario that no business owner or manager ever wants to have to navigate. And while the ideal time for creating an emergency business plan has come and gone, the next best time to enact an emergency business plan is now.

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Should You Hire a Copywriter?

When I tell people I’m a copywriter, I usually get the same reaction: “Oh!” Followed by, “Cool. That’s pretty cool.” In general, most of the people I meet don’t quite understand what copywriters do, or how they get paid for it. Even my own mom wasn’t clear on what I actually do for a living and I’ve got a handful of family members who think that…

9 Easy Tips for Helping Your Nonprofit to Think in Marketing Terms

One of the most difficult parts of running a nonprofit is the administrative work and fundraising that happens behind the scenes. When you’re focused on meeting your nonprofit’s goals, the last thing you need is to miss those goals because you’re behind the curve when it comes to marketing your mission and the work that you do. The key to making connections and drawing support…

Basic HTML Primer for Copywriters

Every copywriter should have some web development know-how before taking web writing jobs. Since the modern copywriter often has the responsibility to craft some – if not all – of a brand’s online content, it’s important that they have the ability to make that content really work online. If you’re a copywriter, it’s no longer enough to know how to write stellar content – you…

Boost Your Non-Profit’s Bottom Line With Recurring Online Donations

There’s a common misconception that non-profits don’t make any money. But if you operate, work for or volunteer with a non-profit, you know that this couldn’t be any farther from the truth. Non-profits need money to operate and serve their communities. Sometimes, non-profits need a lot of money to accomplish their goals or carry out their mission. Often, non-profits rely on donations to meet their…